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There is no single person that has passed by a slot machine and hasn’t put a coin to try his or hers luck. The fact that you can play for pretty low money and still win something is very tempting. Most people when they come across a slot game think that it is a “money eater” or that casino’s control the payout of that game, but they are still tempted to put a coin and play. What is the reason? First and foremost, slots are games of luck. Secondly, they are easy to play and you don’t need any skills. That is why people simply go for it, hoping that the luck in on their side. The result: they might lose and end up disappointed and broke, but they might win pretty big sums and walk away with a smile. That is how gambling works.

Thanks to the popularity of slots, most slot titles from the brick and mortar casinos have made their way into the online casino industry. Casino fans can now have fun playing slots at an online casino from the comfort of their homes with nothing but their favorite T-shirt and shorts on. However, there are some facts you should know about online slots. That is why we have decided to take a close look at online slot games. Read the following article to find out more about the types of online slots, the common questions associated with them and the benefits of real money and free play. Additionally, entertain yourself with a bit of slots music and learn some facts about the inventor of slots.

The Inventor of Slots

A little bit of history doesn’t hurt anybody, especially if you want to find out more about the real inventor of slots, a guy named Charles Fey. Formerly known as August Fey, he was born in 1862 in a small village in Bavaria. He left home when he was 15 and started his trip to America in three stages. First he went to France and after saving some money he moved to England. He stayed there for five years working as a manufacturer of nautical instruments. Finally, he arrived in America and started working in an electrical company. Liberty Bell was the first slot machine he built in 1895. It became so popular that Fey decided to found his own company. The symbols of the slot were pictures of cherries, lemons and other fruits so they became known as fruit machines, a term that is still widely used in USA.

Questions about Online Slots

The most common question about online slots is what they are and how they work. Knowing the basics can really help you in disregarding some misconceptions about slots that we will consider briefly in this section. Slots are games of chance. To play them, you need to place a bet, press spin and wait to see the outcome that is determined by the sequence of numbers the random number generator program (RNG) has produced at the time you pressed the spin button.

Now most people think that the RNG built-in software produces a finite number of algorithms that repeat after they come to an end. Therefore, if you carefully study them you can guess the outcome after you press spin and you will know exactly when you can hit a jackpot combination for example. The truth is random means random and the number of sequences this program produces is infinite. There is no “switch” to control it. Even changing the size of your bet doesn’t have any effect on it. Finally, it doesn’t matter if you are playing on a progressive slot or not, your chances of winning big money are exactly the same.

Another misconception about online slots is that they have hot and cold cycles. If a slot game hasn’t produced a win in a long time, then it will enter its hot cycle pretty soon. Once again, RNG determines the outcome of a spin and whatever you do, you cannot affect it.

Another common statement about slots is that land- based slots are better than online slots because they are “mechanical” and that things have changed in terms of hitting wins more frequently after the slots were computerized. The truth is that the same computer software is used in both land- based and online slots and they cannot be “fixed”.

Now that we have determined some facts about slots, it is time to move on and focus on specific types of online slots and break some myths along the way.

Enjoy the Classics

Yes, we have all heard about them- they are 3 reel slots with one or up to 8 pay- lines. They are very simple and their pay tables are not complicated at all. These games are most popular among the players who prefer vintage slot play. Then again, people believe that if they count the symbols of a classic 3 reel slot they can guess the odds. For example, if a slot has 15 symbols multiplied by the number of reels, the odds of winning will be 1: 3,375, which is not true at all. You cannot guess the number of winning combinations and you cannot affect the RNG in any way, not even by counting the symbols and dong some basic math.

Play Video Slots

Video slots are definitely the most popular online slot games. They have 5 reels and multiple pay-lines and come with many interesting features like free spins, multipliers, bonus games and so on. Most of them are based on comic books, movies or TV shows that people love to read and watch. The reason why many software providers create video slot titles is because there is more freedom in creation. On the other hand, though, they may come with so many features that players find them complicated and confusing to understand and play.

Win a Progressive Slot Jackpot

These slots are either classic or video slots with a progressive slot jackpot attached to them. The amount of this jackpot can be live changing. If you believe that the jackpot of a particular progressive online slot game hasn’t been hit for a long time so it is overdue to be hit, then you are wrong because the chances of hitting it are totally random.

Play with Others in a Community

Slot junkies can also play together is bonus rounds with the community slots. They are in fact video slots, but may be progressive as well. Compared to the single player slots, these slots emphasize the interactive and interpersonal character of game play which was very unusual for the earlier versions.

Put You 3D Glasses On

Based on the new ideas and concepts in the online casino industry, software providers are now creating online 3D slots that feature amazing 3D graphics and animations. While playing, you are feeling that you are in the actual game. Because of the new gaming features, the experience you will get is incomparable. Some titles include EggOMatic, AbraCadabra, Piggy Bank, Spartania etc.

Real Money Slots

It is a rule of a thumb- you have to bet with real cash to win money, and the real money pokies (Australian term) are the right place to do it. The real money slots can be classic, video, progressive jackpot, community and 3D slots at which you place real cash bet. There is real gambling involved and no joking around. The size of a bet depends on a particular real money slot you want to play. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check out new online slots in free mode before you switch to real money play.

This type of slots can be found at all online casinos, but not all players from around the world can play them. Because of the strict rules and regulations, the casino players from the United States in particular have difficultly to find the best slot casinos for US players where they can play them. Typical real money slots for US players are offered by Real Time Gaming, Rival Gaming and Vegas Technology software. These software platforms allow American players to play their games at online casino they run.

Slots Entertainment

Now that we explained the different types of slots, let’s explain what slots entertainment is all about. Playing slots should be viewed as means of having fun, not as a way to earn money because it is not a real job. Simply have some fun by spinning the reels a couple of times and see how lucky you are.
The part of slots entertainment also includes the tunes in a slot. The sound effects of an online slot are equal part of a slot game just like the spinning of reels and winning jackpots. When playing slots from the comfort of their homes, slot fans either listen to the slots music or turn it off completely. Still, there are some slot players that prefer to turn off the slots music and listen to a different type of music while playing. That way they get a whole new dimension to their play. For those types of online slot players we suggest some of the following songs they can check out the next time they play online slot games: Drop it in the slot from Tower of Power, Tennessee Jed from The Grateful Dead and from the band Slot Machine. Enjoy the hard rocking sounds.