Real Money Pokies

Have you ever asked yourself what does the word “pokie” mean? If you are not from Australia, this word may sound a bit funny. Australians are casual people and they often don’t want to walk around with formal language. Therefore, if you are not from Australia, you may have never heard about it. This term doesn’t really spread to other parts of the globe, but it doesn’t matter because it is simply another variation of the term “real money slots”. The Americans call it “slot machines”, while the British people call it “fruit machines”.
Nevertheless, these terms all refer to the casino games called slots that can be played both in the brick and mortar casinos as well as on the Internet where players place real money bets and hope to win. It doesn’t necessary mean that if you bet real cash you will surely win; slots are games of chance whose random number generator built- in software determines the outcome of a spin. Still, real money pokies are very fun and exciting to play.

Now that you familiarized yourself with this term, let’s move on and explain the types of real money pokies that you can play online, the payouts of the online pokies and suggest some popular titles where you can bet your money at. Additionally, learn how to deposit to play real money pokies and find out more about the pros and cons of the free and real cash online pokies.

Online Pokies like You Love

The nickname pokies originated from the idea of poker machines, but it was generally applied to all slot machines. Playing Aussie pokies on the Internet is plain and simple fun. There are thousands of online real money pokies. Online casino software providers are trying to create many new and different slots that would appeal to the general crowd. Just close your eyes and think of a movie. Then search the web for a slot that is based on that movie- and you will probably find it. There is plenty of choice, regardless if you want to play fast or slow or wish to play online pokies that are classic or come with many new and exciting features. What follows is a short description of each type of real money online pokies.

3 Reel Pokies

In the early days, Aussie pokies were also three reel slots with one or up to five pay- lines and fruit symbols. Even though they have made their way into the online casino world, they still follow the same format, but the reel symbols have changed and now they come with special features like wild symbols and multipliers. Whether or not you will win or lose at real money 3 reel pokies depends on the random number generator software. Random is how it works and it cannot be affected in any way. These types of pokies may also have a progressive jackpot attached to them and the chances of hitting one are based entirely on luck.

5 Reel Pokies

The 5 reel pokies, also known as video slots have multiple pay- lines or Ways to Win and they come with many features like wild and scatter symbols, expanding wilds, free spins, bonus games and so on. Some of these features are uniquely branded. Some Playtech pokies for example have Turbo Mode feature where reels spin fast. Because they have many pay- lines it is easy to hit smaller wins; nevertheless, the odds are exactly the same as with all other pokies.

Progressive Pokies

People say that it is easier to put two balls in one hole that to win a progressive jackpot. The chances are probably that astronomical, but it is still possible. Being either classic or video pokies but with a progressive jackpot, the chances of winning a life- changing jackpot are the same and totally random. If you think that you can “hack” a progressive slot machine and change the sequences of the random numbers or that the actual hit is controlled by the casino, free yourself from these misconceptions and drown them into the sea.
To give you an idea how progressive jackpot pokies work, let’s take the real money pokie Major Millions for example. The jackpot of this 3 reel progressive is hit when three Major Millions logos appear on the third pay- line. Bet the maximum of $3.00 so you can hit it. The chances to hit it through are pretty big, but not as big as you being attacked by a shark this month.

MegaSpin Pokies

This type of real money pokies allows you to play many online pokies at the same time. You simply choose the number of pokies you want to play (up to nine), place bets, press the spin button and hope for some winners. The thrill of playing MegaSpin pokies is that you play a number of games at the same time; you can have some losers as well as some winners or some big wins and all this happens once you press one spin button. There is almost infinite number of possible outcomes, but that is why playing real money pokies is also called gambling.

Multi-Player Pokies

Online casinos may be a lonely place for some people, therefore, now online pokie fans can play together in a community and work together toward one goal- hit big money. Wheel of Wealth- Special Edition is one such real money multi- player online pokie where players may trigger a bonus game and they are all awarded a bonus jackpot.

How to Deposit to Play Real Money Pokies

Now that you know the different types of real money pokies, it is time to give you some guidance on how to deposit to play these casino games because as the name implies, real money bets are involved.
As an online casino player you are surely familiar with how to make a casino deposit. You simply go to the cashier, select your preferred deposit method, type in some info and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Some deposit methods include Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller, Visa and MasterCard. The deposited money is usually available instantly and you can use it to place bets at real money pokies.

Most people simply choose an online pokie without reading and understanding the rules and the pay tables and wonder why they lost everything. To place a bet it is important to know the maximum and minimum bet amount per line or per spin. Check if the bet amount is fixed. See if it suits your pocket. Then take 5 minutes of your time to consider the rules and pay tables. Afterwards, place a bet and press “spin’. Finally, take advantage of the bonus some online casinos offer with a certain deposit method. But first read the fine print to learn more about its terms and conditions as well as about its wagering requirements.

Online Pokie Payouts

Every online pokie offers different odds. Still, it is generally believed that online real money pokies offer better payouts than the ones found in the land- based casinos because the overhead that runs an online casino is lower than a land- based establishment. Therefore, online casino can afford lower odds and more winning, but still be in profit.

Surveys have shown that $0.05 land- based pokies tend to offer players returns between 90% and 93%. On the other hand, online casinos often go over the 95% payback level as an average return on all pokies.

Free vs. Real Money Pokies

Most real money pokies can be played in free mode. You don’t have to place bets to play in free mode, but you won’t win money either. Compared to the land- based casinos, the number of free coins given for free play is considerable higher, but with them you cannot earn any real cash. However, the free pokies are a good way to familiarize yourself with a game and see how it works. Once you learn about it, you can switch to real money play and try your luck.

With real money pokies it is important to set a limit on how much you want to spend and stick to it. Compared to the play-for-fun mode, the real cash mode is more thrilling and exciting because you can earn big money in a spin even through you have only bet $0.5.

Popular Real Money Pokies

Now that you learned about the various types of real money pokies and how to deposit and bet, let’s suggest some titles you can check out. The following are some well- known and popular real money pokies that can be played at some online casinos:

Queen of the Nile – This is one of the favorite real money online pokie for the Australian players. Based on an Egyptian theme, the pokie offers 3, 9 and 20 pay- lines plus free spins bonus round.
Indian Dreaming- In this popular pokie symbols on adjacent reels win. The game rewards 5, 10 or 20 free spins as well as 3x and 5x multipliers.

Funky Fruits Farm – A farm- related online slot, this 5 reel, 20 pay-line video slot by Playtech features wild and scatter symbol, stacked wilds, multiplier, free spins and a random progressive jackpot.