Progressive Slot Jackpots

The fine tunes of hitting a progressive jackpot and the sound of coins falling down to fill your pockets has never been this inviting. Slots are the most popular casino games of all time and there is not a single gambling fan who hasn’t tried his luck at slots. Out of all types of slots, the most lucrative ones are definitely the progressive slots jackpots. Just imagine yourself visiting an online casino on a regular day and you decide to try your luck in a progressive slot machine. You bet only $5 and after a few spins you see the reels lining up perfectly to complete a progressive jackpot combination of symbols. You did it, you hit the Big One.
Throughout the internet you can come across a lot of articles that explain how progressive slots jackpots work and what is their catch. Be careful because some information may be totally misleading. To give you more information and details on these types of slots, we decided to write an in- depth article where you can read all about progressive jackpot slots- from general information about slots progressives to tips and myths about these games. Continue reading to find out more about the odds of winning these games, the largest Guinness World Record payout on progressive slots and more.

Bet, Press Spin and Wait?

This may be the basics about how to play progressive slot jackpots. But there is much more in it. First and foremost, these games can be either 3 reel classics with up to 8 pay- lines or 5 reel video slots with multiple pay- lines. The difference is that they have a progressive jackpot attached to them. Players contribute to the jackpot pool in a way that a portion from their bets is added to it. Some progressive jackpot slots are connected to a much larger network and the largest payouts they offer are indeed life changing.
All slot games use a random number generator build- in software that produces random algorithms and sequences of numbers and a separate random number is generated for each reel even when not in play. The creators of slots carefully create these games when they make the pay table and add special features so that they get certain desired average returns.

In general, this information doesn’t help you lose less money though, but knowing how this type of casino games work will help you to disregard some beliefs and myths about slots.

1: 176 million?

Most people think that you have better chances of striking two balls is one hole at the same time than winning a progressive slot jackpot. This might be the case, but not if you play wisely. The size of the progressive jackpot depends on the slot itself. Therefore, it is important to choose the best slot. Different progressive slots come with different coin sizes, different pay tables and, of course, different pool sizes. Studying and comparing these slots is also helpful because some slots have bigger chances to hit a random or major jackpot that a progressive one, while others may not worth your bet at all because their payout percentage is very low.
To give you an idea of how the odds of these games work, let’s consider an example. It is believed that the odds of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot are exactly 1 in 175,711,536. The odds of winning may seem farfetched, but hey, there is at least a chance. This is exactly the kind of thinking people have when they bet at progressive slots. They don’t think in terms of mathematical odds and they like the idea to win. Still most people end up disappointed, but at least they have tried their luck. In other words, the above mentioned odds may be way bigger, but they are not as big as the odds of you being attacked by a shark this year.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Titles

Different software providers offer different progressive jackpot slot titles. The jackpots may stand alone, be part of a casino’s network or part of a larger software network and spread through many casinos. The following progressive slots can be played by players from all parts of the globe:

Mega Moolah – This is a 5 reel, 25 pay- line progressive video slot brought to you by Microgaming software. In 2009 this game paid out a progressive jackpot win of €6.37million. This African- themed slot features many animals on the reels such as lions, elephants, giraffes as well as some monkeys and it comes with wild and scatter symbols, a Wheel of Fortune bonus game, free spins and its current progressive jackpot amount is €1,419,560 and it is still going up.

Mega Moolah

Jackpot Piñatas – Now this is a progressive jackpot slot that is also available to the players coming from United States. Jackpot Piñatas is a 5 reel, 20 pay- line, progressive Real Time Gaming- powered video slot. Piñata characters, flamenco dancers, fireworks, burritos, presents and so on are some of the symbols that can be found on the reels and the game features a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, multiplier, free spins and, of course, a current progressive jackpot win of $1,739,592 and it is still rising.

Jackpot Pinatas

Myths and Misconceptions

One thing is to believe in all kinds of stories when you were little, but playing slots is a grown up thing and you should be free of all myths and misconceptions about progressive slots. One such myth is that the sequence of random generated numbers repeats when it reaches the end. The term “random” means random indeed and every spin is random and independent of all past and new spins.

Secondly, if a friend tells you to play at a particular slot machine whose jackpot has not been hit for a long time and it is overdue, therefore, might be easily hit, then he is very wrong. Once again, every spin is random and independent and the odds of a progressive slot are always the same.

Thirdly, if the same friend tells you that casinos loosen or tighten the slots with “a flip of a switch”, he is wrong again. There is no such thing as loosening or tightening the game play; it is all based on luck.
Finally, if that friend tells you that you can win a slot by counting the number of symbols on each reel, he is again very wrong. For example, if a 3 reel slot has 20 symbols and you “mathematically” calculate the combinations you will get 20 x 20 x 20 = 8,000 combinations, thinking that your chances of winning are 1: 8,000. The reality is that a slot may make 256 stops for each reel which you will get 256 x 256 x 256 =16,777,216 combinations and the odds will be 1: 16,777,216. Additionally, it is also advisable that you don’t consider your friend’s opinion regarding slots.

Put this in your head: Slots are games of luck

Slots are games of luck and luck alone. Don’t believe in articles that try to sell you the “perfect strategy for winning slots” because there isn’t any. Once you realize this and know how they work, you can disregard any myths about slots and move on to consider some real tips that can help you in playing progressive slots.

  • First and foremost learn as much as you can about a progressive jackpot slot. Compare it with other slot titles and see if it pays out the most. Most people simply bet at slots they haven’t even heart about them. Study the slot’s pay table and take your time to read the instructions, especially those about the activation of specific features.
  • To hit a progressive jackpot you have to bet the maximum amount of coins. This is a rule of a thumb and all progressives require this.
  • Control your money. Know your budget and don’t say “Today is my lucky day, I can feel it” because you will probably end up losing more money than your initial bankroll rather than hit the Big One.
  • Play at your best. People say “Don’t drink and drive”. Same applies to slots. Don’t play when you are drink or when you are under the weather because you can’t have control over your bankroll and your sense of judgment will be blurred.

Can you win a progressive jackpot slot with less than a euro bet?

Yes you can. That is exactly what happened to a 47 year-old guy in Finland earlier this year. We have all heart stories about people winning jackpots and becoming instantly rich after only a couple of spins. But this story is one of the most mind- blowing stories of all time; it broke the Guinness World Record for the largest progressive jackpot won at online slots.

This lucky guy bet only €0.25 at Mega Fortune slot created by NetEntertainment software and won exactly €17,861,813 in January 2013. Now let’s talk about luck and not about considering myths and “practicing slots skills”!